Prime Industrial Access is recognized as being safe and dependable for a wide array of Scaffolding, Insulation, Painting and Abatement services. Customers can count on Prime Industrial Access to provide comprehensive solutions to support their commercial and industrial access needs and deliver value.

The Prime Industrial Access is made up of professionals dedicated to providing “safe access” for a wide array of industrial and commercial scaffolding applications.

The Prime Industrial Access’s unmatched history and experience in the mechanical insulation industry can reduce your pipe, duct and vessel installation and maintenance costs, provide substantial energy savings, protect against corrosion and condensation problems, reduce excessive noise levels, protect your workers from burns and temperature extremes, provide improved process control and productivity, and identify more [.

If you have industrial painting, coating or fireproofing needs, Prime Industrial Access has experienced professionals and a capable workforce available to meet or exceed your exacting standards.

Asbestos, lead and other environmental remediation projects involve exacting training, testing, performance and documentation standards that, not done properly by the abatement contractor, can create huge safety and liability risks for their customers, other contractors and owners.